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Donated Dental Services

Dental Lifeline Network

Coordinator contact information:

Michelle Aiken
Phone: (601) 932-2200 or 800-366-3640

The DDS program is a collaborative, direct way that the dental profession reaches out to individuals in our state with special needs and our elderly in need. The Mississippi Donated Dental Services program has been in operation since 1995  and has recently reached the $3 million mark in donated dental care.

Participation could not be easier.  Dentists and viagra mail order india we recommend dental labs take care of the patients, DDS does everything else; no headaches, no red tape.  Our Mississippi DDS Coordinator, Susan Harrison serves as the liaison between the patient, the labs and the dentists, answering any and all questions, assisting the i recommend patient, the lab and the dentist with anything and everything.  The goal of DDS is to return patients to good oral health, enabling them to reach an affordable maintenance level.

altThrough the participation of many Mississippi volunteer dentists and volunteer dental laboratories, DDS tends to the essential dental care needs of many of our state’s most vulnerable people; disabled, elderly or medically-compromised individuals who cannot afford necessary treatment nor get public aid, such as Medicaid and Medicare.  The goal of DDS is for patients to achieve good oral health at an affordable maintenance level.

This unmet need in our society represents a major problem.  Though DDS patients have no money for treatment, volunteers provide optimal solutions for everyone, without consideration of the best site discount levitra rx cost.  Many served by DDS have extensive problems from years of not having access to care. 

DDS volunteers make a difference in lives of our patients.  Participation in the DDS program is easy.  Dentists care for the patients, the DDS Coordinator serves as the liaison between the patients, the labs and the dentists, answering all questions and medicines arranging everything.

Many dentist and dental labs already generously support DDS.  With your help, deserving patients can receive imperative dental care.  The genuine gratitude seen in the healthy smiles of DDS patients is beyond compare and you can play an instrumental part by becoming a new volunteer.  Call  800-366-3640; mailing address PO Box 320636, Flowood, MS 39223 or visit to join the DDS volunteer corps.   

Together, we can restore the smiles of the disabled in Mississippi.

Photos of before and after pictures for a Donated Dental Services patient.




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