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Member Benefit Resource Program

Guidelines for Prospective Vendors

This category establishes a method in which the MDA will convey to the membership a recommendation on the products or services of a company/service provider. A formal contract would not be required between the two parties. A letter acknowledging the business relationship with the company would be provided by the MDA. If the company does not fulfill the areas of support noted in the letter, the business relationship will be discontinued and the company will not be recognized by the MDA as a Member Benefit Resource Program provider. 
In order to be categorized as a Member Benefit Resource Program provider with the MDA, certain areas of support would need to be met on an annual basis. These areas may include but are not limited to the following:
  • Discounted savings  or rebates on products or services to MDA members,
  • Rebates on participating member purchases to the MDA,
  • Sponsorship at MDA Annual Session through an exhibit fee or a contribution of equal value,
  • Advertisement support in MDA printed publications and/or website,
  • Sponsorship of special programs and/or functions as planned by the MDA.

In turn, the MDA will provide acknowledgement to the membership conveying the identity of the company/service provider and low price viagra our business relationship. The acknowledgement may include but is not limited to the following:
  • A listing of the company or service provider on the MDA website,
  • Announcements and periodic promotion to our membership of our MDA business relationship with the company or service provider via our e-blasts and newsletters,
  • The provision of an electronic membership list to be utilized by the company or service provider for marketing to MDA members.

NOTE: Use of the MDA logo is prohibited unless specific permission has been granted by the Mississippi Dental Association.

The MDA Board of Trustees will reevaluate on an annual basis the continuation of the Member Benefit Resource Program agreement and business relationship through review and a recommendation from the Council on Finance.
Furthermore, the Council on Finance recommends that the following checklist be utilized by MDA committees and staff when submitting considerations for new products/services for the Member Benefit Resource Program.       
The requirements are:           
1.    A detailed description of the entity or program must be supplied. Include names and contact information of the company and representatives that will be assigned to the MDA account.
2.    Provide proposed discounts and/or rebates that will be passed on to MDA members.
3.    Provide proposed rebate amounts that will generate revenue to MDA. 
4.    Provide an information outline, forms, etc. for member enrollment participation in any plan or program that can be included in MDA printed publications and or on the MDA website. 
5.    Provide any proposed marketing plans that company will use to reach out to MDA membership.
6.    Provide references of other dental associations or businesses from other who participate in similar plans or programs with your company.


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